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“A Driving School who’s goal is your goal”


Learn to drive in relaxed atmosphere with a structured  learning plan suited to your learning style

What you need to know about A STAR DRIVING ACADEMY


Areas Covered

We cover the following areas:  Haverhill and surrounding villages, Cambridge, Newmarket and Bury St Edmunds .

A Brief History.......

With over 37 years teaching experience, initially within the heart of London, then Pembroke and finally settling in Haverhill, we bring a wealth of experience to the table.

Over recent time I have expanded the school and am  now joined by Alec Fordham-Hughes and Lee Webb, both who share the same ethos and enthusiasm I advocate regards driver education.

We cater for pupils of all abilities, and are known for our skilled and varied approach to learning, our patience, and the relaxed and comfortable learning environment we create.

From the excitable teenager eager to drive to the more mature person that for their own reasons have left it till later in life, we can guide you to that licence and the freedom it brings.

There’s no better feeling then seeing someone with little or no experience gradually mature into a safe, confident and capable driver.

Be assured that you will be coached into becoming a well rounded driver, not just taught to pass a test or just drive around test routes.

Being able to drive is a life changing experience, let ”Gerry Harrington’s” A STAR DRIVING ACADEMY get you there.


AIDAN TRUNKS “Couldn’t have wished for a better learning experience! No matter what you do you will always be safe, and not only does he teach you to pass, he teaches you valuable lessons you most likely would not get from other instructors. Friendly, funny guy who’s always welcoming, but serious when you need him to be! 5 stars from me!”

Julie Barber Westrope

“My Son has just passed his test first time with Gerry, and all I need to say is he wouldn’t of achieved what he has without him.

Gerry is a kind, patient and funny man. Ben felt so relaxed with him as he suffers quite bad with anxiety and Gerry made all lessons a great joy. 

A 5***** Driving Instructor”

Caitlin Fitzpatrick 

“I can Highly recommend Gerry Harrington, he had great patience with me and always knew what to say to make me feel comfortable and confident within my driving. He always clearly explained everything to me so I fully understood. and made driving fun for me which really helped me passed. It took me a few times to pass but he always made sure my head was in the game and I never gave up. Highly recommend to anyone who is wanting to drive”

and theres many more, if you would like to read them please go on Facebook and checkout “Gerry s  A Star Driving Academy

Money Back Guarantee

And here’s what’s unique about us here at A STAR DRIVING ACADEMY, if, at the end of your lesson you feel that  our Instructor has not helped you try and progress.....WE WILL REFUND YOUR LESSON quibble.

We pride ourselves on our coaching ability and here’s the proof.

Are you anxious or nervous about driving?

DO. YOU WANT TO LEARN TO DRIVE, BUT FIND YOUR NERVES AND OR ANXIETY HAS HELD YOU BACK?  Have you failed a few tests and lost your confidence?  Well, we can help. We have teamed up with Benjamin Ryan, a successful Hypnotherapist who is rapidly gaining an excellent reputation for helping learner drivers overcome those fears.  So, if you want to try again, or just want to start then please contact us. I am positive that between ourselves and Ben we can get you to your goal.

Frequently asked questions

 Q: "Can I apply for a Provisional Driving licence before I am 17?"

•  A: Yes you can, the DVLA will accept applications for Provisional Driving Licences. You will need to apply using a D1 form or go on-line. You may apply up to 2 months before your 17th birthday. However, even though you may receive your licence before your actual birthday you will still NOT be able to start learning to drive a car until your 17th Birthday! Unless it is 'off road' and supervised on private land.

Q: "How long will it take and how many lessons to pass the driving test?"

• A: The DVSA recommends 47 hours tuition with a qualified instructor with a further 20 or more hours of "private supervised practice". (See our homepage we offer "a supervision guidance course) however, students can complete the process in considerably less time than this. This will depend on the frequency and continuity of lessons, it will take longer and ultimately cost more if you don't have regular lessons. Beware of "silly offers" and "cheap" lessons there is a saying "You get what you pay for" and this is as true with driving lessons. With us you will receive "Full lesson time" not spend half of it sitting at the roadside.    

 Q: "Do I need to pass my Theory Test before I start learning to drive?"

•  A: No.You can start learning to drive whilst studying for your theory test at the same time. 

 Q. "On my first driving lesson will I be driving on a main road?"

• A: No. On the first lesson for someone who is new to the syllabus you will start on a quiet road where there will be little or no traffic (these are nursery routes) this is both for safety and to help you with your confidence. Sometimes the more confident learners do get to go onto a main road during their first lesson.

 Q. "Other than my instructor who else may supervise me while I drive?"

• A: If you would like to gain extra experience with your driving and you have someone willing to supervise you in between your lessons then they must have held a full driving licence for at least 3 years and be at least 21 years of age. (we offer courses to enable the supervising driver to prepare for this)

 Q. When will I know that I am ready for my driving test?

•  A: You will know when you are ready for test, when you can drive safely and independently. At the end of most of the lessons your Instructor will complete a progress sheet with you, which will show you how well you are doing, and will highlight any areas that may need more attention. The progress sheets will help you to see when you will be ready to take your driving test, and will be mailed to you.

 Q. "How do I book my driving or theory test?"

• A: You can book online see the ‘forms and useful links’ page, 

Q. "What car will I use for my practical driving test?"

• A: You can use your Instructors car for your driving test or you can use your own, it needs insurance for you as a learner to drive the vehicle and have ’L’ plates on both the front and rear (Not in the windscreen or rear window) and be in a roadworthy condition. You must attend the test with a full licence holder present. Most students use their instructor’s car; this is more advisable as this is the car that you will be most familiar with.

Q. "What is the Pass Plus course?"

• A: Most of our students come back to us to do the Pass Plus course, this gives you further experience on other areas of driving such as Motorway's. The course consists of a further 6 hours of driving and covers areas that you may not have been able to learn before you passed your test. ie. 'Night drives'. Not only do you obtain valuable experience but we will provide you with your certificate and list of Insurance companies that offer reduced premiums for people who have completed their Pass Plus.

General Information

Qualified Instructors

Grade A driving Instructor

At our driving school, all instructors are fully qualified, CRB  checked and have signed and agreed to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency code of conduct. All driving lessons are delivered with the pupils needs being the focus point.

Instructors under go a standards check periodically which is conducted by the area supervising examiner, who sits in the back on a driving lesson and assess the standard of tuition given. We  currently hold the highest  award of grade “A” .


qualified driving instructor driving instructors ADI

Driving lessons


Driving lessons durations vary, from an hour,  ninety  minutes and two hours.

Ideally , two hour lessons are the optimal time period to learn over, giving sufficient time to  cover the topic and practice it.

However, we do pride ourselves in accommodating are pupils needs and alter lessons to fit accordingly .

Semi intensive and Intensive courses can be catered for, please call to discuss.

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